CNC Turned Parts

We can deliver products for the following applications

  • medical technology
  • electrical engineering
  • measurement and control engineering                                         
  • fibre optics
  • precision engineering
  • mechanical and plant engineering


Machining and processing difficult-to-machine materials, including

  • all stainless steel alloys (e.g. 1.4301, 1.4307, 1.4404, 1.4571)
  • tool steel (e.g. 1.2381, 1.2242, ...)
  • glass-bonding alloys (e.g. Kovar, Vacovit, Ni-Fe alloys)
  • expansion alloys (e.g. Invar)
  • titanium and titanium alloys
  • copper and copper beryllium
  • special metals (e.g. Monel, Inconel, Zircaloy, Hastelloy)
  • plastics (e.g. PEEK, POM)


State-of-the-art machinery and extensive experience in machining and processing difficult-to-machine materials sets new standards in production, development support, delivery and quality assurance of high-precision mechanical CNC-turned and -milled parts and wire-eroded components. This enables our partners to consistently meet the growing demands of our customers from all around the world and from all industries.High-precision CNC-turned and -milled parts for all industries


Medical parts

Different components for medical applications such as

  • implants
  • implant drivers
  • ratchet torque wrenches
  • demo models
  • different components for endoscopic applications
  • spinal implants (e.g. cages)
  • components for pacemakers
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medical4 medical1


CNC turned parts for electronic industry, measurement, sensor technology, …

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